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There is no magic wand that you can wave to make yourself a red-hot pokies player, but you can do your best to maximise both your time at the machines and your earnings without compromising the amount of fun that you have. The following tips are designed to cover all aspects of playing pokie machines so that you can spin those reels confidently and competently without making any major mistakes that could cost you unnecessary cash.  The casinos below are recommended because they give the best payouts, offer the most pokies and offer fantastic bonuses to players at online casinos.

Pokies pay table

Every pokie machine clearly displays a payout table by law. Making sure that you take notice of the payout table is an integral part of choosing the right pokie machine or “pokie” to play. The pay table shows you the different winning combinations for that particular pokie machine and also the amount that you will win if you hit that combination. Generally, when there are a lot of combinations, that pokie will payout more frequently but in smaller amounts. Pokie machines that show fewer winning combinations pay off larger amounts but would pay out less frequently. Decide which works best for you and then look for a pokie that fits your requirements.

Different pokie machines

There are many different types of pokie on offer: from three-reels to multi-line pokies, video pokies to progressives. Each has a different betting structure, payout structure and requires a different approach. If you don’t know what type of pokie machine you’re playing on, you might accidentally spend more than you expected. Or you might miss out on the chance to win big by not betting enough coins.

For instance, progressive jackpots and multi-line pokies require one coin to activate each game or winning combination on offer. If you don’t bet max, you’re limiting the amounts of combinations you are eligible for and could end up thinking you’ve won but being sorely disappointed. The only way to avoid confusion or disappointment is to decide what type of pokie machine you like to play on and then stick to your choice.

Play Pokies

Pokie machines should be treated as a form of entertainment and the amount you bet should be calculated in terms of what you can afford to spend. Pokies are fun but there’s no guarantee that you will win and so whenever you hit the pokies you should have a clear budget in mind that you then stick to. If you went to the cinema and the film was advertised at $10, you wouldn’t then pay $20 just for the sake of it; so why spend double what you were aiming to invest at the pokie machines?

The best way to stick to your budget is to make sure you don’t deposit money that you cannot afford to lose. You should also cash out your winnings whenever you can. This way, you can break your bankroll into multiple sessions at the pokies. The benefits you get from this include getting more fun by playing pokie machines more often. On top of that, you wont risk losing all your bankroll in one go.